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Hanging out at the Bird Feeder

chickadee dee

Dear Friends, this image of a common bird, the chickadee, reminded me of why i shoot so many images to get just one good one.  This black-capped chickadee was up against a black background, but when the light hit the feathers on top of his head in just the right angle, the black of his head was lighter than the background and stood out, how do you like?, til Tomorrow MJ

Boreal Chickadee

Friends, this Boreal Chickadee is a winter visitor to the bog region of Minnesota.  We are waiting for warmer weather so we can visit the bog again.  til Tomorrow MJboreal chickadee 2013


Friends, I was chasing cranes and trumpeter swans at Crex, these chickadees called to me to come watch their antics while eating some knap weed seeds.  Some were hanging upside down and other right side up, but all were having a thanksgiving feast in the weed patch. you may click on each image to see a full resolution image.  Love their feather details  til Tomorrow MJ

Another close-up-Boreal Chickadee

Friends, another closeup of a chickadee, this is a boreal chickadee, a small bird that occupies the tamarack and black spruce bogs of northern Minnesota.  His coloring is very different from our more common black-capped chickadee, but I love all the feathered textures in this image.  They love suet and will come to an undisturbed feeder like those in the Sax-Zim bog.  So how do you like this tiny bird?, til Tomorrow MJ

I’m Ready for my Closeup

Friends, In an old movie, Sunset Boulevard, Gloria Swanson told the Director Cecil DeMille, I’m ready for my closeup.  Lately i have been experimenting with converting color digital to black and white, and this black-capped chickadee begged for attention.  I love how the textures appear more prominent when the image is in black and white.  The big challenge is to preserve the black details as well as the white details.  These birds are extremely friendly, waiting for their seed ration every morning and practically landing on me while i fill their feeder.  No patience needed to photograph these guys so they make good practice subjects. til Tomorrow MJ

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