Friends, I was chasing cranes and trumpeter swans at Crex, these chickadees called to me to come watch their antics while eating some knap weed seeds.  Some were hanging upside down and other right side up, but all were having a thanksgiving feast in the weed patch. you may click on each image to see a full resolution image.  Love their feather details  til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. i dont know chickadees mj, but they do look cute, they are wonderful photos, love the rich tones of earthy colours 🙂

    • yes, very earthy everywhere in our northland just before it turns all white with snow, need to enjoy now, thanks christine, sorry you don’t have chickadees, they are very entertaining and come to the feeders in great numbers, MJ

  2. I loved chickadees when I was a kid. Your photos are fabulous as always!!!!

  3. I love chickadees! There are so entertaining!

  4. they are so cute! I see them in our tree and on the suet feeder, or in summer bathing in our waterfall, but would rather see them in more wild spaces, as you have posted here. these are beautiful photographs. 🙂

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