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Mister Ring Bill

male ring neck duckFriends, the ring neck ducks have arrived and the lake ice is breaking up, hurraaay!!!, I think this duck is mis named, i always call them ring bills because ring neck is what pheasants are called in this part of the country. So to avoid confusion, i call them ring bills and this is a male bird.  Photographing them in exactly the right light is the key, also i love his feathers on top of his head, makes him look very alert.  He dives for his food and is usually wet.  til Tomorrow MJ


Baby Ring-bills

Friends, on a hot july day, these baby ring-necked ducks are going for a swim with mom, some call these ring-necked and some call these ring-bills, but this time of the year both the rings are fading away into a summer plummage.  The rings are still there but very faint like they have been bleached by the harsh sunshine this time of year.  I prefer the name ring-billed cause ring-neck in this part of the country usually refers to a pheasant.  Another 95 degree day in the northland. til Tomorrow MJ


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