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Ring-Necked Duck Male

Dear Friends, this is a male Ring-necked duck who also has a ring around his bill in the spring. His ring around his neck is maroon on black and in the wrong light you cannot see it very well, while the ring around his bill is much more apparent, so i usually call these ducks ring bills.  hahaha, til Tomorrow MJ ring billed duck

Mister Ring Bill

male ring neck duckFriends, the ring neck ducks have arrived and the lake ice is breaking up, hurraaay!!!, I think this duck is mis named, i always call them ring bills because ring neck is what pheasants are called in this part of the country. So to avoid confusion, i call them ring bills and this is a male bird.  Photographing them in exactly the right light is the key, also i love his feathers on top of his head, makes him look very alert.  He dives for his food and is usually wet.  til Tomorrow MJ


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