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Ring Necked Ducks

Dear Friends, these ducks are every where at Crex this time of year, they are Ring Necked Ducks due to the brownish ring around their neck, but can be spotted by the prominent ring around the bill.  This is  male duck.  The female is more drab but has she a matching ring around the bill, enjoy til TomorrowMJ

Ring-Necked Ducks

Nature - Ring Neck Ducks Pair -185

Dear Friends, this lovely pair of Ring-necked ducks are motoring across a nearby pond, these ducks are common in Crex Meadows and some nest here.  You can see the ring around the male’s neck as a bronze coloring and i love the gold eye.  They also have a distinct ring around the bill and the female bill ring fades as the summer progresses. til Tomorrow MJ

Baby Ring-bills

Friends, on a hot july day, these baby ring-necked ducks are going for a swim with mom, some call these ring-necked and some call these ring-bills, but this time of the year both the rings are fading away into a summer plummage.  The rings are still there but very faint like they have been bleached by the harsh sunshine this time of year.  I prefer the name ring-billed cause ring-neck in this part of the country usually refers to a pheasant.  Another 95 degree day in the northland. til Tomorrow MJ


Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

Friends, these ring -necked ducks are motoring thru a field of blue.  I haven’t figured out why they are called ring-necked ducks when the ring around the bill is by far more prominent than the very slight ring around the neck.  But this image was inspired by Arthur Morris’s images of Pied-billed grebes with what he calls a “wake shot”.  This is my  “wake shot”.  til Tomorrow MJ

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