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osprey hawk ridgeFriends, this osprey was flying over Hawk Ridge this fall during the fall migration.  Most of the birds were flying south along the ridge, but this wayward fellow was flying north. A puzzle? He flew very close to the birders on the ridge, and gave me an opportunity to get this flying shot. til Tomorrow MJ


Weekly Photo Challenge:Movement

Friends, this osprey is moving slightly between each shot and i combined the multiple images into a single image to show movement.  Yes a blurred image is commonly used, but i prefer the multiple image approach.  I tend to photograph birds and animals in burst mode so combining several images into one say movement to me. til Tomorrow MJ

Osprey Hunting

Friends, this beautiful bird is a mature Osprey, as large as an eagle but much prettier in his white markings.  Like the Bald Eagle, they eat primarily fish so he has dived talons first into the water but missed his fish.  I was watching to see if he would dive on my baby loons who have drifted away from the adults, but he was more interested in what was under the surface.  My loons were safe for another afternoon. In the image below you can see his detail and empty talons. til Tomorrow MJ

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