Osprey Hunting

Friends, this beautiful bird is a mature Osprey, as large as an eagle but much prettier in his white markings.  Like the Bald Eagle, they eat primarily fish so he has dived talons first into the water but missed his fish.  I was watching to see if he would dive on my baby loons who have drifted away from the adults, but he was more interested in what was under the surface.  My loons were safe for another afternoon. In the image below you can see his detail and empty talons. til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. After watching six nesting osprey pairs here over the last eight months, they have rapidly become one of my favorite birds to watch out in the wild.

  2. When we lived in Florida on Longboat Key, we had “fish hawk” as the natives down there call them. Our neighbor had a sail-boat and one would perch on top of the mast as a spot to hunt from. His voice was loud and piercing. The electrical poles were filled with Osprey nest.
    We agree they are a beautiful bird. We loved to watch them fish. They crash in feet first, snare their meal and off they fly. We would watch them hold the fish with one foot and pull the meat away with the other.

    • jack, we probably don’t have as many osprey as florida, they are making a comeback up here, at times they have been rare, thanks for your comment and sharing your wealth, MJ

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