Whitetail Buck -Summer

Friends, this is a male Whitetail deer in July, his antlers are growing and covered with a vascular tissue that promotes the bone growth.  They hide in the very dense brush and only the black flies drive them from their cover to the water. They can be seen this time of year taking a swim to wash off the pesky flies.  I wish the flies would go away now so I can again travel in Crex with my windows down.  Thank goodness for air conditioning for our temps have exceeded 100 degrees F for the last week.  Well back to work, til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. I’m always amazed how small your white tails are. The ones we have in South Texas are the size of a mule deer. I don’t understand why, because your deer have more food. jack

    • Jack, it seems everything in
      texas is bigger, BIG, why do you think this is a small deer, bucks can weight up to 250 lbs up here, 🙂 thanks for your attention, MJ

      • Jack, actually doing some checking, a 500 lb whitetail was taken in minnesota and none of the world record whitetail come from Texas, all from North of Texas:), MJ

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