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A Crane Hug


Dear Friends, sending you a crane hug this morning, I love the flying cranes against a clear blue sky, til Tomorrow MJ

My Supermoon shot


Dear Friends, my supermen would not be right if the cranes were not also shown, last night at about 5pm and the setting sun gave the moon an orange glow.  I was watching the cranes and just happened to get this, the cranes and the moon are very far away, til Tomorrow MJ

Black and White Cranes

Dear Friends, these sandhill cranes were only ten feet from our vehicle and were busy rooting in the mud for seafood to eat.  The mud is still clinging to their bills, now you see why they have long stout bills that don’t break when they hit a rock.  Do you like black and white treatment?  tilTomorrow MJ


Two Crane Flight

Dear Friends, I know I know, supposed to show odd number of subjects, but I love this and it could represent empty nesters enjoying life, til Tomorrow MJ1-two-crane-flight

Big Blue Heron


Dear Friends, this Big blue Heron has been entertaining Crex visitors this fall along the Main Dike Road. The light in the morning has been quite warm, so here he is in all his feathered glory, enjoy til Tomorrow Mj

The Golden Hunter


Dear Friends, especially to you bird loving friends, this golden eagle was in North Dakota Badlands on the edge of a prairie dog town, under his feet is a small critter that he was having for brunch.  I love the feathered legs, til Tomorrow MJ

Great Egret

wading-egret egret-flight

Dear Friends, this is a Great Egret and we don’t usually see a lot of these at Crex, but this year there is a small flock hanging out at Fish Lake.  We sat on the dike and watched this one fish for over 30 minutes, then he flew. Right at us. til tomorrow MJ

Fall Has Arrived


Dear Friends, yes indeed, fall has arrived and with the fall foliage, the Greater Sandhill Cranes have started to gather on the Meadows and the marshes of Crex Meadows Wildlife Refuge in Northwestern Wisconsin. So far this fall, this is my favorite shot, a pair of cranes were only 20 feet from us when i pulled the trigger, til Tomorrow MJ

Pied-Billed Hatch Year Grebe

baby grebe best

Dear Friends, well fall is on its way as the pied billed grebes are gathering on Phantom Lake, this baby grebe is foraging in a small pond adjacent to the lake.  I think they are so cute with their stripes on the cheek. til Tomorrow MJ



Dear Friends, this small shore bird visited Phantom Lake this spring, He has some beautiful shades of brown on his back enjoy til Tomrrow MJSanderling - mjspringett

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