On the Way Home

shed landscapeFriends, this scene was on the way home from Hawk Ridge, the tamarack trees are conifers that turn golden in the fall and lose their needles for winter.  This old shed was a dramatic contrast to the bright trees and i had to turn around and photograph.  Photographers are an endangered specie cause every one thinks they can take an image just as good, but photography is in the creative eye not in the camera.  Comment if you agree, til Tomorrow MJ


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  1. I think of Anna when I see the Tamaracks. She is the one that introduced me to them, even though I’ve lived in the area most of my life, I never noticed them before. I think the layers of color are Lovely!

  2. Unmistakably classic autumnal photo.

  3. Nice capture. You are correct about the creative eye. It is much easier to teach people about f stops, shutter speeds, ISO and the like than it is to teach them to see. For some it is much more natural and to this group it is a challenge for them to understand why others can’t”see”.

  4. so beautiful, if you don’t mind, i would love to use this photo as a reference photo for my next painting.

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