Bald Eagle in a Tree

eagle in a tree

Friends, this Bald Eagle is a mature bird and will soon find his mate and settle down to raise a youngster.  But for now he is content to sit high in his tree and survey the surroundings.  As I ran up and down the road to find the best background for this image, he calmly watched but did not move from his perch. If I returned today to this spot, he is probably still using this perch everyday.  We had snow yesterday so branches would probably be covered in snow. I wonder if the sun will shine today.  til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. how wonderful that he sat and watched you! our eagles fly at the slightest sign of a human being approaching … great photo of a majestic bird 🙂

  2. Nice, I am jealous, the only eagle I have ever seen was sitting in a tree surrounded by water 1/2 mile away…..en theos…j

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