Duluth Lighthouse

lake superior hdrFriends, this small lighthouse guards the canal entering Duluth Harbor on Lake Superior.   This image is a high dynamic range (HDR) from three exposures to better capture the icy lights and darks.   The ice and snow have not closed the lake and shipping goes on.  The bottom image gives you a scale of the canal, with an ore ship of 800-1000 feet long entering the canal.  The canal is a pair of concrete barriers that ships have to navigate to enter the harbor. So the opposite extremes of Lake Superior, cold and warm.  til Tomorrow MJ

lighthouse duluth

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  1. I do so love lighthouse photos. Having been born in the Midwest I yearned to see the oceans of of country and fate handed me my final job in Oregon. Ideally located I’ve travelled the coastline from Vancouver, BC to California, photographing the amazing Pacific Ocean coastline as I travel. Thanks for sharing your photos with us all. – Bob

  2. I liked the winter shot. I have almost the same shot taken later in the day. I do remember it was very cold when I took mine.

  3. Seems to have more character in winter 🙂

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