Weekly Photo Challenge:Silhouette

Friends, I know I cheated a little by leaving some details in my silhouettes, but when totally dark against a light background they lose that flying delicate feathery look.  These are Greater Sandhill Cranes that are gathered by the thousands on the marshes and corn fields around Crex Meadows.  They are feeding and resting for a while before another push to southern climes, the snow will eventually drive them from Wisconsin.  They keep me outside, hiking, photographing and waiting for the snow, BAH Humbug, til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. You can always move to Florida where you can photography them in the winter in a T shirt. (smile) They come to the Orlando area by the thousands.. They also flock in New Mexico 100 miles south of Santa Fe and winter on that lake.
    Get Jim a new puppy to help him with his world of hurt. Go to the shelter and pick one as a love gift from you. jack

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