Stampede-Raising the dust

Friends, a herd of bison can be peacefully grazing or taking dust baths in prairie dog town, when suddenly something sets them off and they are off, stampeding across the prairie raising the dust.  You can see from the horns that these are young animals, while the older ones seem to follow along, somewhat unwillingly.  Shooting into the sun, emphasizes the dust, but also hides the details in the bison.  A photography trade-off that needs to be solved with photoshop.  til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. Such a magnificent animal!! Margie

  2. Shutterbug Sage

    Amazing shot! I feel like I am right there on the range with them!

  3. Wow! Can’t imagine what it must feel like to be anywhere near them! Does the ground shake as they run?

  4. great action shot mj!

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