Friends, meet mister and missus bison from the North Dakota badlands.  These creatures once roamed the plains in the millions, but were hunted nearly to extinction.  Both males and females have horns that are retained from year to year.  This male is fairly young as his horns are in great shape.  Later in life the ravages of time wear on the horns, blunting the ends giving them a  raggy appearance.  The union of bison yields a bright orange calf shown in the image below. It has buttons where its horns will grow. til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. There are actually two herds of bison here in Southern California, one here in San Diego on Camp Pendleton, and one over on Santa Catalina Island. The one on Camp Pendleton apparently is the second purest herd in the nation.

  2. Great shots. You just want to take the baby home for a pet.

  3. what magnificent creatures, thanks for sharing!

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