Friends, The badlands are known for their grasslands that provided rich grazing for cattle. The country attracted Theodore Roosevelt who invested in two cattle ranches and spent some time “cowboying” in this country. In one of his speeches, he attributed his badlands experiences as instrumental in making him the President of the United States.  Others were also attracted to the badlands and the livestock industry.   My grandfather raised horses, cattle, pigs, chickens and 5 children in the badlands.  With a large garden, they were able to live in relative comfort.  Then the depression and droughts of the 1930s made life difficult and many were forced to find other means of support.  This barn and corral is a reminder of the hard times and desertion of many homesteads in the badlands. til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. Looks like it is right out of a western movie…yee haw!!

  2. we have similar scenes all through the country here, reminders of a different life lived by our ancestors …. lovely shot!

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