Stone Tree Stump

Friends, While this tree stump looks like wood, it has turned to stone.  Petrified tree stumps are found all over the badlands, and you would swear that they are made of wood.  The preservation of tree structure is so realistic, you can see worm holes and cell structures. These trees were redwoods and a forest of stumps is present in the western side of Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  The park roads do not pass close to this forest, but it is only a two mile hike across the flats to access a land of stumps still being eroded from the clay slopes.  Like bleached bones, their white is a stark contrast to the dark green of  living cedar trees. In the early days, stumps ten feet in diameter and 80 foot logs were found, a remnant of a tropical past. til Tomorrow MJ


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  1. Oh man MJ, I thought it was a tree stump for sure! Interesting.

  2. Once again you have filled a void in my knowledge of land forms. My wife contends that God did the Dakotas and Neb. on Monday after a bad weekend. I’m coming to realize that they have much more to offer than most realize. Thanks for the online class on ND.

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