Scoria Point in the Snow

Friends, this is Scoria Point on a September morning when we had an overnight dusting of snow. The next day it all melted, but the day was perfect for photography.  The saturated reds of the rock, golds of fall grasses, and greens of cedar trees as well as the fall foliage made for a delightful day.  I have visited these hills at least once a year since I was nine years old, and the landscapes never cease to amaze me.  My love for this country is very deep within me, I hope i can share it adequately.  til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. very striking shot, wonderful architectural shapes and colours!

  2. oh, that’s BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!
    I am enjoying your photos

  3. the color, we have cold, but no snow, just blowing dust……shalom en theos..jim

    • thanks jim for your encouraging words, MJ Marge

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