Mountain of Red Rock-Scoria Point

Friends, this is a formation called Scoria Point located within the Theodore Roosevelt National Park in western North Dakota.  This red rock or scoria appears many shades of red, from pink to purple and all the oranges in between and the shade is dependent on the light.  The day this image was taken, the light was slightly diffused through some clouds and the color appears a rusty orange with pink accents.  But in the evening with a setting sun, the hill appears a bright orange and in the snow with cloud cover, the rock appears a very deep almost iridescent red.  I haven’t yet captured the spirit of this rocky scene, but i keep trying.  til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. Being a geography major I’m always interested in rocks and land forms. As a photographer I’m always interested in how light reflects of from the above. I’m glad to see there is a place someone else keeps going back to trying to unravel it’s mysteries.

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