Do not disturb-Bald eagle dinner

Friends, this time of year we see lots of bald eagles along the road, usually perched on a road-killed deer or in a tree alongside the road overlooking roadkill.  They prefer fish but most of the water is still frozen and fishing is not an option.  When they have found unfrozen dinner, they are reluctant to leave and are “sitting ducks” for the nature photographer.  This one gave me the “eye” and i took his picture from across the road.  til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. Awesome… I love these eagles…they are so impressive

  2. that is one your best, i think…happy valentines day, dear sister!!

  3. What a great opportunity, I looking at sparrows and cardinals. What a great bird…..en theos…jim

  4. Beautiful. We have five bald eagles (two parents and three juveniles) that have been feeding on two dead deer near our farm the last few days. So magnificent to see in the wild.

    • thanks for you nice comment MJ Marge

      Iblog everyday on

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  5. Wow! Fabulous shot! Talk about being in the right place at the right time! The light is just gorgeous in this!

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