Red rock in black and white

Friends, working again on my black and white renditions.  This is Bell Rock just south of Sedona.  We visited near sundown and the face of the rock was still lit, but the trees in the foreground were just going into evening shadows.  The original image is in color, but too many shades of red made a monotonous statement.  So in an effort to simplify the colors, a black and white conversion seemed the right thing to do.  I think that the topography of the rock is more vivid in black and white.  I can also bring the shadows to pure black to further define the roughness of the landscape.  Practicing my Ansel Adams styles. What do you think? til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. Very nice.
    Ansel would be proud.

  2. Very good work. Could you imagine what Ansel Adams could have done with digital photography?

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