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Weekly Photo Challenge:Between

Friends, this sunrise in the badlands is between night and morning, that morning glow that sets the mood for the day, the evening showers have passed on and the sun is shining over the horizon, this is a special moment in the day, one of awakening and meditation on things to come til Tomorrow MJbadlands sunrise with fore

Sunrise at Crex

Friends, sunrise at Crex is a special time, but i don’t often appreciate it cause i haven’t yet ingested enough coffee, but when i wake up and the sun is doing its colorful morning dance, it is a good time to be alive and enjoying the process of taking photographs.  A very slight breeze was waving the grass and that produced the ripples in the water.  Concentric circles are my favorite shapes.Today i am going to Minnesota to look for tall prairie remnants.   til Tomorrow MJ

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