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Weekly Photo Challenge:Patterns

male sharptail11Friends, the feather patterns of the sharp tail grouse are stunning when you can see them up close and personal.  Most are white triangles edged in brown, and serves as great camouflage against the brown brush of spring. If the birds are not dancing and just sitting still, they can be very hard to spot especially in the light before dawn. til Tomorrow MJ

Dancing Grouse

male sharptail3Friends, the sharptail grouse are dancing on the Namekagon Pine Barrens.   This boy is just getting ready to dance, his eyebrows are raised and the feathers are rolled back to expose his purple airsac , in the image below you can see his sharp tail is raised and wings spread just a little.  When he is really dancing, his head will be down and his feet will be stuttering so fast that they blur.  Sat in a blind with my good friend (thanks Anna) on Saturday morning, lots of male dancing and carrying on, then on to Crex to make a 12 hour work day. til Tomorrow MJ

dancing sharpie2



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