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Great Gray in Flight

great gray owl flightDear Friends, this photo is the first of the nature Challenge issued by Melissa Anderson, from my archive but hope to see some this winter, this owl flew right at me and landed in the snow about ten feet from me, i think he thought i had a mouse for him, but nothing in my pockets, til Tomorrow MJ

Peanut Butter Bird

gray jay with pbFriends, this Gray Jay is popping pieces of frozen peanut butter like popcorn.  I laughed out loud when I saw this image. This image was taken at a bird feeder station where all kinds of birdie treats were put out for the northern bog birds. The Sax Zim bog is famous for winter owls that migrate here from the northern regions and is located west of the mighty Lake Superior.  The larger birds are attracted by the abundance of smaller game and the seed-eaters are attracted by the coniferous trees that produce cones filled with seed.   til Tomorrow more bog birds, MJ


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