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Immature Eagle

immature bald eagleFriends, This immature bald eagle was trying to have a little snack on a roadkill, but i was patiently sitting across the road and he remained in this tree until i went away. smart bird, but he was still snacking a few days later when i passed again, but I had taken this image so I did not stop.  The ponds and lakes are all frozen this time of year so his fishing food source is not available.  Bald eagles will scavenge what food is available and an occasional deer carcass means survival.  His varied feathering marks him as a juvenile bird.  The bald eagle gains his all-white head and tail over a period of five years  His pate is turning a white but still has a strong eye stripe and a  dark bill. I am not a birding expert so I will not venture a guess at the age of  this eagle.  til Tomorrow MJ


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