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Cold Bird


Friends, this winter bird is a Goldfinch wearing his winter coat.  He is huddled on a small branch crouching over his feet on a day with -15 degrees Fahrenheit.  Did you know that birds can shut down the blood flow to their legs and feet to prevent permanent damage due to cold weather.  My feet are cold, til Tomorrow MJ

Four Rules

Friends, I have four rules (for myself) before I publish a bird image on this blog.  1) eye must be sharp,2) must be highlight in the eye 3) the light must be good (not too much shadow), and 4) the background must be somewhat amorphous (bokeh). if three of the four are satisfied, I may also publish, but I prefer that all four rules be followed (by me). This winter gold finch image is an example of the four rules, when they are applied.  Practicing at my bird feeder, Simple ??, til Tomorrow MJ winter goldfinch

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