Four Rules

Friends, I have four rules (for myself) before I publish a bird image on this blog.  1) eye must be sharp,2) must be highlight in the eye 3) the light must be good (not too much shadow), and 4) the background must be somewhat amorphous (bokeh). if three of the four are satisfied, I may also publish, but I prefer that all four rules be followed (by me). This winter gold finch image is an example of the four rules, when they are applied.  Practicing at my bird feeder, Simple ??, til Tomorrow MJ winter goldfinch

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  1. such helpful rules, i try for something like that too but sometimes i decide a lesser shot is all i can get and i want to show you … you however have a new career to sustain, so you need to have higher standards, which helps to encourage us all!

  2. They are such neat little birds. I plant sunflowers by my feeder so I can watch them in the fall working to get the seeds.

  3. This could be my birdfeeder. I continue to have them visit through the winter. Picture is fabulous even though they no longer have the bright gold of summer.

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