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Badlands Elk Bugling


Dear Friends, we were a very long way from this male elk doing his bugle at sunset, but i think it turned out ok, what do you think? til Tomorrow MJlab-elk-bugle

What the trees hide

Friends,The dense tree cover serve to hide the wildlife in the badlands.  This male elk is venturing into a clearing after raking his antlers on the brush, scraping the velvet off and polishing his antlers for the fall breeding wars.  I know he is in the middle of the image but i wished to emphasize the surrounding trees and the small clearing.   The male mule deer (below) is peeking from behind a tree.   His antlers are still growing and covered with “velvet” , but his curiosity is over whelming. By setting the deer and elk in the middle of the frame, the emphasis is on the surrounding trees.  An experiment in composition.  til Tomorrow MJ

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