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Teaching the Dance

01,WC185,DC,Cranes on the FieldDear Friends, this image is a composite of two images, but typical of dancing cranes, i love it when they dance in the fall, you can see in the top bird a small piece of corn in the beak being offered to the ground bird, sometimes they will toss a small piece of ground clutter into the air as they jump, i don’t have that image yet which is why i keep trying, a fascinating ritual, sometimes the youngsters will imitate the adults, so teaching the dance til Tomorrow MJ

Crane Dance

0310mjsDear Friends, these cranes are jumping for joy or are they jumping to stay warm, either way, they appear happy, on a sunny morning in the corn field with light shining through their wing feathers. Are you jumping for joy this morning? I haven’t had enough coffee yet. Soon til Tomorrow MJ

The Essence

0210mjsDear Friends, the essence of fall in our part of the world is summarized in this image, the trees are brilliant with color, the corn is harvested and the cranes are flying everywhere.  Soon the ground will be white, the cranes will be gone and the trees will be bare, i do not like the winter, but will put up with it, bah humbug, til Tomorrow MJ

Trumpeter Swan Takeoff


Friends, Crex Meadows in the fall not only has thousands of Sandhill Cranes, but also has smaller gatherings of Trumpeter Swans.  The swans breed and raise their cygnets in the area and residents can be observed throughout the summer.  So enjoy this landing til Tomorrow MJ

Crane Lunch

two cranes lunchcrane lunch

Dear Friends, i always think of our Sandhill Cranes as gentle giants roaming the wetlands in search of food.  I never thought of baby Red Winged Blackbirds as a food source.  These young cranes were being harassed by the adult Red Wings as the cranes plucked the babies from the nest.  The male red wing bird is definitely in attack mode but the sandhill has his lunch.  Red wings are not in short supply here and predation is common as they nest on the ground. til tomorrow MJ



Dear Friends, these Sandhill Cranes have left our country and we are ice-locked with a snow covering.  I want to go south too, but alas, i am grounded, til Tomorrow MJ

Puttin on the Brakes


putting on the brakesDear Friends, these cranes are cruising into their roosting site with a sunset reflection as thee background, i like the pastel shades in the clouds and so chose to keep the image high key, before they land they have to slow and they do that by standing up in the air and dropping their feet down, they resemble little parachutes coming down, the right hand bird is still in glide mode, til Tomorrow MJ


cranes and clouds

Dear Friends, with the coming storm clouds these cranes are migrating to a more hospitable locale, wish i was going along for the ride, i will miss them and they are all gone.  This is a two image composite of two images shot on the same evening and lit by the sunset.  Do you like?? til Tomorrow MJ

Talking Back

Dear Friends, this Sandhill Cranes is in takeoff mode and loudly objecting to something or someone, I am still in my vehicle so it can’t be me.  All the cranes still here are up and flying about at the slightest disturbance and they are all talking constantly.  til Tomorrow MJ

crane single

Cranes are Leaving

taking off adult

Dear Friends, This Sandhill crane is leaving the country, and i wish i could go along. We had 14 inches of new snow and temps in the teens (F).  Guess winter has arrived here in Wisconsin so the roads are plugged and being plowed as they come up on the list.  The roads at Crex are low in priority, but should be open for the weekend. til Tomorrow MJ

Wildlife Art by JimE Springett
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