A very special bird-Peregrine Falcon

Friends, not only is this a juvenile peregrine falcon, but it is a juvenile tundra peregrine that was raised in the far northland.  This subspecie is smaller and lighter in plummage than the normal peregrine.  Peregrines have recovered from near extinction in the 50s with the help of dedicated bird lovers.    I have watched the regeneration program in Rochester Minnesota where the bluer and darker peregrines raise their chicks in nests atop the Mayo Clinic buildings.  I have watched them feed their young on building ledges but i have never seen one in the wild. The experts on Hawk Ridge were quite excited to show this bird in hand and educate the public.  They have survived due to the diligence of those who legislated to ban ddt, resulting in the saving of many bird species,  til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. Beautiful shots. I’m mesmerized by that beak.

  2. The peregrine falcons have been brought back to Texas. A few years ago we were sitting on the back porch when all the birds stopped singing. Then like a flash a peregrine falcon flew into the tree and grabbed a large white winged dove. He was in and out before we could move. I’ve read they dive 200 mph. jack

  3. Ah yes, ddt! It probably saved lots of humans from extinction too. Lovely birds.

  4. Nice shots of beautiful birds.

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