MY Goshawk

Friends, this is my goshawk that i adopted on Hawk ridge yesterday, actually my husband adopted him for me. What a thrill to hold her in my hands and release her back to her element.  The banders had captured two juveniles at the same time and since there is always a competition for food in the nest, the hawks were objecting to being so close together again.  This is how they plead for food from the adults, lots of screaming.  When i held her she was quiet, and patiently awaited being released above the cliff over Lake Superior and flying off to hunt her own food.  Below is an image of me with my bird, thanks Jimmy, til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. Danaan Corvinus

    great site, I wish I lived in New York

  2. This is so neat. Jimmy gave you a great memory. jack

  3. Always inspiring to watch a release! ~ Kat

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