Smallest Falcon

Friends, this smallest of the falcons is an American Kestrel.  This is a male bird having blue-gray wing feathers and a brownish back, the female has a totally brown back and lovely brown wings as seen in the image below. The female kestrel has the remains from her breakfast on her beak. Yes, I could edit it away with Photoshop, but I choose to leave it as a reminder of their struggle for food and survival.   Often they will hunt from overhead wires and hover over their prey, then dive to capture a small bird or mouse.  The two black slashes on their face are called the sideburns and mustache :), til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. Seriously MJ, these birds of prey are magnificent! How close were you actually to them? Or do you have a powerful zoom? Margie

    • i have a 400 mm zoom, but these birds are being held by an educator who is educating, i thought it was a good idea to take some head and shoulder shots of birds that i seldom see up close and personal. thanks margie, MJ

  2. Such a nice bird 🙂

  3. I like the second photo, it almost looks as though he’s peering over his shoulder sheepishly (though he’s probably only ruffling his feathers) 🙂

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