Broad-Winged Hawk

Friends, this beautiful baby is a broad-winged Hawk and they are migrating in great numbers over Hawk Ridge.  The day this was taken over 5000 passed over the ridge, and on the ninth of september over 15000 were counted over the ridge.  They tend to leave the nesting area in large flocks and can form “kettles” as they circle in the air.  Their diet is a varied one ranging from frogs and lizards to small birds,  even on occasion they may eat a large insect.  They are very numerous in the air, but they rarely visit the lower reaches of hawk ridge so this was a rare treat at the educational area. Hope you enjoy this pretty bird, til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. You are in hawk heaven. We only have Coopers Hawks. They keep us clear of snakes. From time to time we see one flying with a big snake wiggling on their way to feed the babies. jack

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