Weekly Photo Challenge:Merge

Friends, on a lovely day in late August, Crex Meadows is at its best.  This is a landscape shot of the marshes of Crex. These wetlands are merged with the drier prairie as shown by the image below.  These two photos were taken on one spot on the road, one facing west and the other facing east.  They merge seamlessly in the sandy pine barrens of Northwestern Wisconsin.  I usually take photos of the wildlife and especially the birds, but today was such a lovely sunny day that i backed out the telephoto to show you more of the surroundings.  The waterlilies are still blooming and the Trumpeter Swans are still pulling roots from the water.  Below is a less attractive image taken on the other side of the same road but shows the Big Blue Stem grasses.  Behind the grasses is a row of trees, mostly oaks. Crex houses many different environments and merged together they make up the sandy pine barrens of Northwestern Wisconsin.  enjoy til Tomorrow MJ


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  1. Hello! May I use your image for a promotion of an activity at Crex? It is a for botany tour talking about grass and your tall grass image is simply excellent! I will credit your work, of course. Let me know!

  2. Northern Narratives

    That is a great place to visit 🙂

  3. A real treat to see the bigger view thnk you mj, the first photo looks like an oil painting!

  4. Very nice job. Very good composition.

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