Snipe Hunt

Friends, I didn’t start the day looking for Snipe, we were chasing the wildflowers, asters, goldenrods and other late summer bloomers, when our leader flushed some snipe off the mudflats.  I went back later and these tiny birds were back on their muddy bottom again searching for food.  I spent an hour watching them tilling the soil with those long bills and peering at their reflections in the water, and sometimes sleeping with their heads tucked backwards.  They are tiny birds, one easily fitting in the hand but such a bright eye.  Had to use all my telephoto length and plus a 1.4x extender to get a decent image.  til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. well done mj, a bright little bird!

  2. Great shot, MJ. I love those Wilson’s Snipes. 🙂

    • ok bob what makes it a wilson snipe, we don’t have these birds except during their migration, or they are hiding in the brush all summer, MJ

      • I have no idea how or why these or other birds get their names. But that is what they are called in the bird guides. I love the snipes, the way they can camoflage themselves. I have looked right at them and didn’t ‘see’ them. Amazing.

  3. I’m glad that you made the effort to get this shot.

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