Loon Family

Friends, this is a rare image of the whole loon family in one frame.  Usually the chicks are on the back of one parent while the other parent is off fishing, grooming or doing what single loons do.  This pair have very young chicks and are sticking together and both participating in feeding the chicks and spell each other with babysitting duties.  The dark head and red eye are difficult to expose properly and to get both head positions in the right plane takes a great deal of my patience :). But I was patient and after about 40 GB of images over six days, i finally got this image which captures the whole family with good eyes and on a sunny day.  Perseverance pays off. til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. so glad you had a good day with the loons, marvelous photo mj! i was having holes drilled in my jaw, but healing up well today …..

  2. Blessed are the patient with large memory cards for they will get the photo. I love the loon shorts.

  3. loving your blog Marge…I am now getting the reminders 😀 I was there yesterday with a friend of mine from out of town…got some cute ones of the family…our day was not a pretty one tho…lots of overcast and blown out colors…hugs, Anna

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