Proud Parents

Friends, this proud parent (Common Loon) is stretching his wings while his 5 day old chicks swim around.  In the bottom image, you can see how fast the little ones mimic their parents.  The little chick is stretching his wings (?) .  I  have been camping out with the new parents and now today the chicks are 7 days old.  The parents have always used a deep water channel near a road and i guess they trust me, they seem to be content with me sitting in my car with my telephoto pointed in their direction.  I typically don’t leave the site until they have gone away so i don’t alarm them. Tomorrow back to work in the swamp, til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. nice work mj, loons are so pretty! i love to think of you camped out in the car with the telephoto : no photography for me this week, we had all the visitors, then husb caught a nasty virus from grandson and has had a raging fever for two days, i had a dental appt and now have an extraction scheduled this morning 😦 so i have not had much time for anything else!

    • i am so sorry that you all are not feeling very well, hope the bad times pass quickly and you are back at the camera in short order, thanks for your lovely comments, they are truly appreciated, thanks MJ

  2. Another great photograph! That little loon sure is cute.

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