More muleys

Friends, this big-eared mule deer doe is relaxing in the grasses of the badlands.  She is chewing her cud and checking out the photographer.  One of the characteristic traits of these deer are the large ears hence their name, mule deer with mule ears.  The image below is a fall image of a fawn that was born in the spring, if you look closely you can see remnants of his spotted coat. til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. Back in 1972, when I was 18, I gave my favorite uncle a very expensive drawing of a pair of mule deer. He didn’t thank me, instead commenting that the tails were wrong to be mule deer. Things were never the same between us after that.

  2. I think I enjoy your animal pictures best. You get such great close ups!

  3. beautiful, another animal i dont know at all 🙂

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