Deciduous Trees

Friends, I know it is spring, but I was blogging about the badlands trees, and of course, fall is the time of year when you notice the deciduous trees in the badlands because of the lovely fall colors.  Lots of Cottonwood trees along the Little Missouri River, are bright yellow with the Ash, Elm and Box Elder  lending their special hues from the smaller gullies. The above image is a typical grove showing the diversity of colors present in the fall.  The bottom image are the cottonwoods along the river. til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. Wow these fantastic photographs!

  2. gorgeous golds in those trees, storehouse of summer sunshine!

  3. Ah, it is good to see trees, in the desert, they are few & far between…..shalom en theos…jim

  4. The yellow tree with black background is a winner. Liked the other one too.

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