Easter Lily-Badlands Style

Friends, This is the Sego Lily that blooms in the Badlands in late June.  The solitary plants grow among the grasses on tall stalks and are best viewed in the early morning after a over-night rainstorm.  The raindrops and early light accentuate the colors and provide diffuse light for good wildflower photography.   We had watched the sunrise at Scoria Point and on our way back to camp, found these lovely blooms.  During this season when we are all looking at Easter Lilies, I thought I would show you my Lily in the Badlands.  So Happy Easter! til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. Very nice–I like this!

  2. fantatsic capture…. Thanks for sharing

  3. beautiful!!! happy easter, sissie

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    Happy Easter every one

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    Happy Easter everyone

  6. MJ….very SWEET…..en theos…..jim

  7. Happy Easter. Thanks for sharing. Great photograph!

  8. Very nice—love the Badlands! The water drops are a nice touch. 🙂

  9. great photo, such a delicate and perfect little flower!

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