Sandhill Sunrise

Friends, these Sandhills are taking off into the sunrise, pretty colors in the morning especially as the sun peeks over the horizon.  Now i am done showing any more crane images until next fall. Tomorrow i start in a new direction, i will still be doing the nature photography, but the location will change from the Wisconsin birds to North Dakota badlands.  I will show you the land, critters, wildflowers, lichens and tell you some natural history stories along the way.  Tune in for a fascinating journey into a land touched by the sun,wind and history.  til Tomorrow MJ

About mjspringett

Nature Photographer, searching for questions and answers

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  1. Thanks for letting me camp out in your blog this evening. I had a great time and hope I left my campsite clean enough for your next visitor.

  2. You’ve knocked it out of the park several times here. Mighty fine.

  3. looking forward to your new direction …it is all lovely with your great photos 🙂

  4. A lovely capture, MJ.

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