Award-Versatile Blogger Award

wow, thanks Nicholas

Friends, i have been nominated for the Versatile Blog award, and i want to thank Nicholas at The Daily Norm for this nomination.  He does a wonderful blog that teaches art history and blends it with Norm-style humor.  Sorry that this thank you was delayed a few days.  I had to figure out the process and i am a little slow.  So to accept the award, one first needs to thank the nominator, Thanks again

The second requirement is to list 15 bloggers worthy of this award that i follow on a regular basis: here is a short list of my favorites

My talented spouse: J Springett

My talented sister:

Wonderful flower painting by: Mikki Senkarik

The photo of the day: Jim at Developing a new image

a friend from down-under: dadirridreaming

a new follow: purple lady bug photography

envious traveling:

claude schilling photography

donald reese photography

kayaker: wind against current

techniques: photography improvement

tall ship challenge

David Patterson at storiesfrom home

Photo of the day (classic cars) at Dakota Grown and City Savvy

Photography by Rob Newboul

That completes my list for this present time, sorry if i left anyone out, but it is limited to 15

Then the third requirement is to list 7 things about myself so here goes:

1) I have a soul mate, two big black labs and a cat

2) I am retired from a technical vocation and am now living the “good life”

3) I am a writer at heart, but it takes time away from my photography

4) I would rather be in the woods

5) I love red rock country and badlands

6) Occasionally i do some watercolor work (the keyword being work)

7)  I am constantly learning more photo techniques and practicing my craft

Thanks for reading, now on to bigger and better blogs, til Tomorrow MJ

About mjspringett

Nature Photographer, searching for questions and answers

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  1. atranquilplace

    Congratulations on being selected!

  2. Thanks, MJ!! We greatly appreciate the honor and your support of our blog. The funny thing is, we were just about to nominate YOU for the VBA in an upcoming post… but someone else snuck in there before us! 🙂

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