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Spring Sandpiper

yeloowlegs3Friends, this sandpiper is a yellowlegs, but i do not have the expert birding knowledge to identify it definitely so I will leave that to my viewers who have that knowledge, I just like his fishing pose and the circles of water in front of him, i think it tells a story, but some are more interested in the details, the feathering is very mottled in colors to blend into the marsh grasses of spring, still no water around here but hope is in the air, til Tomorrow MJ



Friends, these wading birds have invaded Crex in the last day or two, I think they are yellowlegs, a type of Sandpiper.  I love the feather patterns and have waited for them to creep within range of my telephoto, could use more telephoto length for these guys, but attached the 1.4x extender and practiced focusing manually. What a workout, even tho it was a cooler day, i was soaked from the exertion. The sun peeked out briefly for this shot but most of the day was bathed in misty sunshine.  I like his reflection. til Tomorrow MJ

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