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Friends, this pretty sandpiper was busy filling her tank with water critters and didnt notice me sneaking thru the cattails to get close enough to snap her portrait.  I like the reflection in the water and that is our theme this month at our local photo club.  Maybe I will enter this image. til Tomorrow MJsandpiper

Sandpiper Unknown to me

sandpipers 3Friends, these three birds are probably a family but i don’t know the sandpipers and have to rely on those experienced birders to help me out.  Do you know what sandpiper this is (or plover)??I would appreciate any info you can contribute.  These were on Dike 5 in Crex on Friday.  til Tomorrow MJ


Spring Sandpiper

yeloowlegs3Friends, this sandpiper is a yellowlegs, but i do not have the expert birding knowledge to identify it definitely so I will leave that to my viewers who have that knowledge, I just like his fishing pose and the circles of water in front of him, i think it tells a story, but some are more interested in the details, the feathering is very mottled in colors to blend into the marsh grasses of spring, still no water around here but hope is in the air, til Tomorrow MJ


Small Sandpiper

Friends, this is a very small bird and pushing the limits of my telephoto lens, but couldn’t resist sharing his wing stretch with all of you.  I think he is a semi-palmated Sandpiper, but the experts out there will probably help with his id.  Semi-palmated meaning his feet are slightly webbed, but as you can see that part of his anatomy is not accessible. Black legs and feet so is probably more sandpiper than plover.  The image below shows his beautiful back feathers.  til Tomorrow MJ

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