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Back to Work

whooper dancingFriends, i have been busily reviewing my images from 2013 to compile a bird list for my records, i stumbled on this image of a whooping crane that arrived this fall with the sandhill cranes.  She is female 10-10 and was hatched and raised in a facility in southern Wisconsin, she was taught to migrate behind an ultralight aircraft and then set free.  In this image, the Sandhills were trying to persuade her to dance with them, she tried, til Tomorrow MJ


One More Whooper

walking craneFriends, normally i don’t use this type of image in my blog, but this is a rare bird and a rare opportunity to share with you.  This image was taken against the light and at a distance too far for my tele, but photoshop helped the situation so the leg band colors could be seen and recorded for posterity.  Sorry but i couldn’t resist showing one more Whooper image, til Tomorrow MJ


Another Thrill

whooper bestFriends, Jim and i went crane hunting again today to see if we could find the Whooping Crane among the hundreds of Sandhill Cranes, I showed an image yesterday of the large flock with a distant white bird.  Today we surveyed the fields and found her again, among the Sandhills.  She walked up and down and finally took off, she flew into the sun, but i stayed focused as the small group circled, turned , came right at us and passed directly overhead.  I guess my practice at Hawk Ridge and the flying cranes at Crex, paid off, as i was able to capture her in flight.  I know, i know, you want the wings fully extended either up or down, sorry you get what you get, it was a beautiful day to share with my honey. til Tomorrow MJ


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