Another Thrill

whooper bestFriends, Jim and i went crane hunting again today to see if we could find the Whooping Crane among the hundreds of Sandhill Cranes, I showed an image yesterday of the large flock with a distant white bird.  Today we surveyed the fields and found her again, among the Sandhills.  She walked up and down and finally took off, she flew into the sun, but i stayed focused as the small group circled, turned , came right at us and passed directly overhead.  I guess my practice at Hawk Ridge and the flying cranes at Crex, paid off, as i was able to capture her in flight.  I know, i know, you want the wings fully extended either up or down, sorry you get what you get, it was a beautiful day to share with my honey. til Tomorrow MJ


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  1. Poetry in motion, and a moment in history captured forever. .

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