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Crex Meadows Portrait

crex reflections2Friends, I am not a very good landscape photographer so i am venturing into a new world for me, this is a portrait of Crex Meadows on a beautiful summer day, but maybe it is more about the sky and reflections, I get confused when trying to do landscapes as to what the subject of the photo really is, what do you think the subject of this image is? Maybe just being outdoors and enjoying the sunshine.  til Tomorrow MJ


Reflections-Orton Effect on Landscape:

Friends, this image was taken in the Boundary Waters in Northern Minnesota.  This area is famous for canoe trips thru wilderness lakes. The fall foliage and massive granite rocks make a good contrast and i loved the reflections. Now to experiment, the Orton Effect on the omage below, what do you think the original or the ortonized image? Or the third option which is a mix of the two sharp and soft images, What do you think?  i entered this in a reflections challenge, it can be  found at til Tomorrow MJ

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