Crex Meadows Portrait

crex reflections2Friends, I am not a very good landscape photographer so i am venturing into a new world for me, this is a portrait of Crex Meadows on a beautiful summer day, but maybe it is more about the sky and reflections, I get confused when trying to do landscapes as to what the subject of the photo really is, what do you think the subject of this image is? Maybe just being outdoors and enjoying the sunshine.  til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. this picture shows so much mj, the play of clouds/light/water/sky, the smooth greenness of the water meadows and distant rim of forest …. yes very different from your usual subject but just as lovely 🙂

  2. Beautiful capture. I think the subject is all-encompassing really. It’s about the entire wetland – the plants, trees, sky, clouds and their reflection. Had there been no clouds, this photo would have very little to no impact at all.

  3. Nice Capture ! If a picture stops you to look then you caught the right image. Keep clicking away…

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