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Feeding the Little Red Neck

feeding red neck style

Dear Friends, the Red Necked Grebe young have arrived, i think there are two and this shows one of the adults feeding one of the babies, til Tomorrow MJ

Copulation Red-Necked Style

Dear Friends, i know these are lousy images but i have to share this magic moment with my readers.  The Red-Necked Grebes in our neck of the woods are pretty rare, but we have one pair that return every year.  I watched them for three hours and witnessed copulation three times in that period of time, what a thrill, til Tomorrow MJ

Red Necked Grebe

red neck grebe sharpened

Friends, having a ball working with my new lens, sharper and faster focusing than my old lens, not to mention more magnification (600mm).  This lens for the money is a real bargain, so far the only defect is my shooting technique, but i am practicing for that once in a lifetime shot.  This red-necked grebe is shy and for two summers has eluded me, but i spied him thru the dense blue stem grasses along phantom lake and was able to photograph without a distracting background.  I love the color of the lake when it is slightly choppy as in this image. til Tomorrow MJ

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