Red Necked Grebe

red neck grebe sharpened

Friends, having a ball working with my new lens, sharper and faster focusing than my old lens, not to mention more magnification (600mm).  This lens for the money is a real bargain, so far the only defect is my shooting technique, but i am practicing for that once in a lifetime shot.  This red-necked grebe is shy and for two summers has eluded me, but i spied him thru the dense blue stem grasses along phantom lake and was able to photograph without a distracting background.  I love the color of the lake when it is slightly choppy as in this image. til Tomorrow MJ

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  1. The image is clear and the colours sharp.

  2. Watch out for unexpected effects of lugging a heavy lens around. I have the Sigma 150-500 on my Pentax K-3 which I recently augmented with the Pentax 1.4x teleconverter. While the teleconverter weighs just an ounce or two, it pushed the center of gravity of the combination and inch or so further out. Ever since, I’ve been getting increasing pain in my right shoulder which now has me in Physical Therapy. The problem wasn’t caused by taking pictures but rather lugging the camera with lenses installed in and out of my car. I’d been putting the camera in front of the passenger seat on the floor and that action of reaching down and out to either put the camera down or lift it back up is what has done me in. So now, I put the camera in the trunk when I’m between locations.

    Good luck with the Tamron. It’s great to have such reach for bird photography.

    • i know of which you speak, i have a bad right shoulder due to an icy fall but this lens is no worse than the 100-400 mm canon lens that i have been shooting with, i keep mine on the passenger seat when i am alone in my car, thanks for the comment

  3. Looks like the new lens is working super. The photographer is pretty super also.

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